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Our staff

Deputy Principal – Sarah Lane

Hello there. My name is Sarah Lane and I am the Deputy Principal at Springwood Central State School. It is my privilege to be able to support all members of our school community, including staff, students and parents, to reach their full potential.
In my role as Deputy Principal, I work closely with all members of the school administration team to provide both strategic and day-to-day leadership, ensuring the smooth overall operation of the school.   This is achieved by supporting all members of the SCSS community to continue to improve the learning and social environment to ensure that each of our students learns at high levels.
I believe every student can learn and the work of schools is to progress each student academically, socially and emotionally.
My role sees me working with teachers, fostering positive relationships with students and parents. I enjoy the opportunities my role provides to build and strengthen relationships with students, staff and parents.
It is my absolute pleasure to work with the Springwood Central State School family, and my door is always open if there is any way I can be of assistance to you or your family.
Head of Special Education Services - Selena Wilson
Hi, my name is Selena Wilson and I am the Head of Special Education Services at Springwood Central State School.  It is my role to lead the schools Active Learning Centre (ALC) and liaise with ALC staff, parents, classroom staff, administration, therapists, Advisory Visiting Teachers and other agencies to ensure educational priorities are met for students with special needs.
All ALC staff work collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement strategies which enable students to access and engage with programs and activities within an inclusive school context. The ALC at Springwood Central State School aligns with and supports the whole school focus of setting high expectations, valuing and celebrating diversity, and employing high quality, evidence based teaching practices focussed on high levels of learning for every student.
Please feel free to drop in to the ALC for a chat if you have any concerns relating to your child and their progress at school.  I am always more than happy to talk, and very keen to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.
Master Teacher - Glenda Jimmieson
As the Master Teacher, I believe all students can learn… and I work with teachers to help all students achieve high standards of learning.
In my role I have the responsibility for leading the following activities and undertaking the following key tasks:
  • Work with instructional leaders to prioritise the teaching of reading within the school’s curriculum and pedagogical framework.
  • Lead needs based development of teacher capacity and ongoing support through professional development.
  • Provide coaching and guidance to teachers and other classroom staff in delivering quality teaching.
  • Engage in professional discussions with colleagues in a range of forums to evaluate practice directed at improving professional knowledge and practice, and the educational outcomes of students.
  • Provide targeted student support and lead teachers in the enhancement of learning needs practice.
  • Improve the capacity of school teams to use evidence based assessment to inform teaching and learning.
  • Support staff in the analysis of and response to systemic and student data.
  • Create a positive relationship between students, teachers and stakeholders.
  • Provide leadership critical in mentoring beginning teachers, targeted student support, coaching and planning and implementation of school initiatives.