Springwood Central Music Program

Music is of such incredible benefit to the growing mind. When learning music and a musical instrument, a student not only gains musical knowledge, but skills such as: 

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance
  • Focus
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Receiving constructive feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Dedication 
  • Accountability
  • Fine motor skills and
  • Coordination

Our school supports a brand new ukulele program during classroom music sessions as well as an extensive, extra-curricular instrumental music program, covering strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, as well choirs. 

Here at Springwood Central, we endeavour to make our instrumental program socially and academically supportive. We ensure that every student that participates in the program is involved in an appropriate ensemble that matches their skill and instrument. This not only improves the student’s skills on their chosen instrument, but also skills in part-work, performance and tolerance. 

We look forward to working with you to provide your student with a great music education. 

Please review our information booklet and contact the music specialist, Miss Graham, if you would like to enquire about joining the program. You can email Miss Graham at

Primary Music Institute
Music instruments


Primary Music Institute (PMI) is an external instrumental music program that provides small group and private keyboard lessons at our school.

Enrol Now
To enrol now please visit the Primary Music Institute website. If you have a paper enrolment form you can either enrol online or fax your completed form to 1300 764 674.

The PMI Approach

  • Lessons are held on school campus – with exact lesson days and times confirmed on an individual student basis depending on availability and school preferences. Currently lessons are held on Friday during school hours (subject to change)
  • Small group lessons of 3-5 students for 30 minutes are $13.50 per lesson
  • Private lessons (1 student) for 30 minutes are $32.50 per lesson
  • Structured learning objectives and student development plans – provided as part of the PMI Stars program
    – Outlines a student learning plan for all program participants
    – Each level passed by completing activities across theory, aural and sight reading, scales and performance
  • Parental engagement and visibility of student progress – including via open lesson days, progress reports (as part of the PMI Stars program), recitals, school performances, etc.
  • Unique curriculum – developed with the input of a panel of musical and education experts
  • Continual innovation – led by new Program Directors since mid 2013
  • Quality teaching – stringent selection criteria, safety certification, ongoing curriculum development and teacher coaching

Contact PMI
For more information about any of the PMI programs please have a look at their website and to receive any further information please contact their Parent Support Team at or call on 1300 362 824.

Please note that any communication for Primary Music Institute should be sent directly to PMI, however the school office can pass communications on if necessary.

Last reviewed 21 February 2020
Last updated 21 February 2020